Field Service Technician

A Field Technician, also known as a Network Technician,  is a professional who provides on-site end-user support, telecom installation, programming, maintenance, and repairs to a wide variety of telecommunications’ systems, equipment, cabling, and to other related systems and equipment at all locations within the assigned work region.

Technicians also install electrical equipment. They work with a variety of telecom systems and hand tools to provision, install, and repair telephones, headsets, and related peripherals in various locations and diverse work environments.

The job demands that they work off-site more often than not. Besides, they need to carry out regular repairs, maintain equipment, and demonstrate to clients how to use products/equipment.

The job of a technician also entails traveling frequently. They need to effectively use the mobile office setting and equipment to interact with clients as well as their seniors in their organization.

Technicians’ job role involves some amount of physical labor, as they would have to lift equipment, and overhead cabling would require them to work at heights. Since they interact directly with clients who own electronic, electrical, and engineering equipment/products, they need to have excellent communication skills.

Field Service Technician Job Description

Field technicians should act as per client’s requirements, as they are responsible for the installation, maintenance, repair, and general supervision of telecommunications lines, including telephones, voice mail systems, fax lines, security, Internet, and wireless systems.

The key responsibilities for a service technician job description include administering all network services and performing tests on various equipment and circuits, monitoring all services, identifying issues and resolving any problems in equipment.

Technicians design and prepare documents for network and ensure appropriate labeling of all equipment, perform maintenance work on networks, initiate tests, and perform troubleshooting on all outages, manage work according to diagrams and specifications for the network, and ensure compliance to all safety standards and codes and manage work according to regulations.

They need to develop and provide support to all customer programs and perform regular maintenance on the same, monitor all requests and ensure customer satisfaction in all processes, perform installation and maintenance on all telecommunication networks

And associated computer systems, install and configure telephone systems for communication infrastructure, administer installation of PBX digital sets and analog telephone sets and associate ancillary hardware, monitor all customer activities and resolve issues at customer sites for change of premises and cross connection in equipment, and manage installation of various telecommunication related materials, such as routers, hubs, and switches.

Furthermore, field service technicians monitor data network, perform troubleshooting on it, and repair and replace various cables and telephone sets.

Additionally, a field service technician job description will include the following duties

  • Analyze the telecommunication market and determine all tools and equipment requirements for clients.
  • Administer efficient repair of data wiring and connectors.
  • Perform integrity tests on data network installations with the help of LAN test equipment.
  • Manage all onsite activities mandatorily
  • Contribute to best client service and support them during field visits
  • Document the issues and remedies which will be helpful in future
  • Should share the issues with  the technical team
  • Ensuring in providing a safe work environment

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